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These Long Summer Days of Sunshine

Yesterday was the first day of Summer. The kids are happy to be out of school and those of us with solar-powered homes are celebrating the long days of sun powering our homes.

Over this past year I've seen dozens of homeowners who went solar having some challenges in selling their homes because of it. Second generation homeowners don't always understand the benefits of solar. More importantly, many real estate professionals have not yet been trained in the sales and marketing of solar-powered homes. There is a way to value the power your solar panels make. There is a way for appraisers to value your solar, if you own it and if your Real Estate Salesperson knows what to do.

Whether you're considering going solar or selling your solar-powered home in the five boroughs of New York and on Long Island, call Christina Mathieson, The Solar Lady of Real Estate at 631-413-0494. Take a look at my Facebook Page for more info!

Christina Mathieson

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

eXp Realty

68-56 Groton Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375


Phone: (631-413-0494


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