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TEN Questions To Ask When Buying A Solar-Powered Home

Looking at solar-powered homes? Here are ten questions to ask the seller.

Are You Looking at Purchasing a Solar-Powered Home?

Ten Questions You Need Answers To

  1. Be sure your Realtor has a “Solar Specialist” certification to ensure that there is full disclosure to you regarding the solar agreement that the seller signed.

  2. Is that solar system owned by the seller or by a third party?

  3. How long will we be making payments, if any?

  4. How are payments made and are there additional monthly utility or solar payments you’ll be responsible for?

  5. Does having the solar cost more or less per month than a comparable home without solar?

  6. Will assuming a solar contract affect my mortgage?

  7. Are there any items related to the solar that will appear on the title of the home? Will this affect my ability to purchase it outright?

  8. What is the condition of the roof? Was it replaced before the solar was installed?

  9. Is there a warranty on the panels or other components of the solar system that needs to be transferred?

  10. How will we know if it’s working? What do we do if the solar doesn’t make power?

Christina Mathieson is a Realtor who specializes in the marketing and sale of high-performing, energy-efficient or solar-powered homes for maximum sales price.

Christina Mathieson

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, GC Advisory Group

Licensed Real Estate Instructor, Leap EDU

NAR C2EX Ambassador, New York State

Call: (631) 413-0494

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