Does Solar Add Value To Your Property?

I'd been in the Solar Industry on Long Island, New York since 2010. The exponential growth that the industry had experienced in this short time was astounding. Because of the rapid growth and the lack of education and real knowledge on how solar and solar project financing actually work, there was a great deal of misunderstanding. That's when I decided I had to learn more. The solar market grew so fast, in fact, that it wasn’t thought of to train real estate professionals on the different finance methods for solar and how they will arise in the sales transaction of a home. That's when I decided I had to DO more! I started training real estate pros on residential solar in 2016 and what I didn

Who is Christina, Anyway?

Christina Mathieson is a results-oriented business strategist and lifelong entrepreneur who proudly encourages those around her to dream big and motivated by an unwavering social responsibility. Christina is a Realtor who utilizes her business expertise in the marketing and pricing of residential real estate with a specialty in high-performing and solar-powered homes, She is proud to be a part of the team of educators at Leap EDU and to continue to develop the Green EDU programs for real estate professionals as well as community education programs as part of a newly-launched partnership with Hofstra university. Christina’s “Becoming A Solar Specialist” program is the first of its kind to

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